Rudolph A Rosen, Ph.D.

Dr. Rudolph “Rudy” Rosen is a professor and the director of the Institute for Water Resources Science and Technology at Texas A&M University in San Antonio, as well as a fellow of The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University. He was formerly a research associate at the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Dr. Rosen is a former director of Wildlife, Fisheries and Coastal Resources for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. He was also executive director of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, where he served in the environmental cabinet of two governors. Dr. Rosen has degrees from Penn State, South Dakota State, and the University of Massachusetts.

Dr. Rosen’s previous media experience includes responsibility for SCI Publications, a publishing house that produced a bi-monthly magazine, Safari: The Journal of Big Game Hunting, containing articles about international wildlife conservation and hunting; monthly newspapers, Safari Times, printed in the United States, Africa, Canada, and Europe in four languages; and books about wildlife and harvest statistics. He was also editor of a regular feature section called “Flyways: Pacific Edition” of Ducks Unlimited Magazine and was responsible for publication of Oregon Wildlife Magazine, covering fish and wildlife conservation science and policy in Oregon as director of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. For over 10 years he was the policy and science columnist for one of the nation’s top fishing publications, The In-Fisherman: The Journal of Freshwater Fishing. Dr. Rosen’s most recent publication in the Texas Water Journal covers work to design an Internet for Texas Water.

Dr. Rosen specializes in conservation organization management, leadership, fundraising, and advocacy. He has served in international, national, and regional executive leadership positions in three of the nation’s largest wetlands, fish, and wildlife conservation advocacy organizations: the National Wildlife Federation, Ducks Unlimited, and Safari Club International and its foundation. Dr. Rosen has served on over 130 nonprofit and government national and international boards, commissions and committees and has written over 500 articles, blogs, and presentations on organizations, natural resources conservation, and policy. He has often appeared before the U.S. Congress and state legislative bodies to testify on environmental resource conservation matters. Dr. Rosen also authored the water education textbook Texas Aquatic Science and Money for the Cause: A Complete Guide to Event Fundraising, an easy to understand yet comprehensive textbook on fundraising. Both were published by Texas A&M University Press.