The regional water planning process: a Texas success story
Vol. 8 No. 1 (2017). Cover photo: Jacob’s Well, in Hays County, Texas. ©2015 Andy Heatwole.


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Bruun, Bech. 2017. “The Regional Water Planning Process: A Texas Success Story”. Texas Water Journal 8 (1). College Station, Texas:1-12.


In 1997, in the wake of a severe, statewide drought, the Texas Legislature passed an omnibus water bill that, among other things, fundamentally changed how Texas develops its state water plans. The resulting 5-year, bottom-up regional approach to planning has since formed the basis of the last 4 state water plans. Nearly a generation after the regional water planning process began, we can now point to some significant achievements and identify key factors in the success of the process.

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