The Texas Water Journal Webinar Series resumes with "The State of Texas Wetlands" on June 26th.

On June 26th at 11am, Dr. Rachel Fern, Statewide Wetland Lead for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, will present “The State of Texas Wetlands: A Review of Current and Future Challenges.” With roughly 3.9 million acres of wetlands, 2.3% of its total land area, Texas has the fifth largest wetland acreage in the United States. As of 1990, there was an estimated 52% reduction in the state’s original wetland acreage, but there has been no recent assessment of statewide wetland loss or gain since then. Wetlands provide critical ecosystem services, including wildlife habitat, flood storage and control, aquifer recharge, water quality improvement, pollutant breakdown, and storage of greenhouse gases, as well as human recreational opportunities including boating, paddling, fishing, hunting, birdwatching, hiking, and nature photography. In this webinar, we examine the current state of Texas' wetlands and the intensifying challenges they face in the coming decades. We also discuss efforts being made by forward-facing regulatory and legislative bodies to anticipate effects of climate change, sea level rise, and urban expansion as they relate to the future of wetlands in the state. We will also highlight the strong support from Texas residents for active water resource management and the importance of collaboration and community involvement in conservation initiatives. Find the article discussed in the webinar here.

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